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NAD+ IV Drip Standard Dose

NAD co-enzyme is delivered directly to your cells through a IV Drip

  • 30 min
  • 1 900 South African rand
  • No2, 7th Avenue Melkbosstrand

Service Description

PLEASE NOTE WHEN BOOKING NAD IV DRIP: 50% deposit is required to secure your booking as stock is ordered on request. If booking is not cancelled within 48 hours of treatment, deposit will be forfeited as payment for products ordered. Why NAD IV therapy? The last 20 months has a been a wild ride….world wide. Dealing with a global pandemic, and everything that comes with it from the economic impact, to the strain on mental health, is no small feet. And for that reason, we have decided we just HAD to introduce IV NAD to Body360 Medical Aesthetics. WHAT DOES IV NAD RESULT IN? -IMPROVEMENT IN COGNITIVE FUNCTIONING -BETTER MEMORY RETENTION -INCREASE IN MOOD -REDUCTION IN ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOURS -IMPROVED CONCENTRATION -INCREASED PHYSICAL STRENGTH -DECREASED IN CHRONIC FATIGUE -BETTER PHYSICAL/ ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE -GREATER MUSCLE MEMORY AND REJUVENATION -REDUCTION IN ACUTE OR CHRONIC PAIN -ASSISTANCE IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT -IMPROVEMENT IN HAIR AND NAIL GROWTH -REVERSAL OF THE AGEING PROCESS -ADDED PROTECTION AGAINST ACUTE AND CHRONIC ILLNESS How does this wonder drug work? NAD is a naturally occurring co-enzyme, found in every cell in our bodies, responsible for cellular repair and maintaining DNA integrity. As we age however, our NAD levels naturally start to decline, and our bodies can’t cope/ recover as well as they used to when we were younger, with more co-enzymes on hand to assist us. Numerous studies have shown a definitive link between lowered NAD levels and Fatty Liver disease as well as Diabetes Mellitus. Increased NAD levels have been linked with a decrease in Cardiovascular disease. This incredible treatment being offered in the IV form, ensures for maximal absorption, as the co-enzyme is delivered directly to your cells. WHO IS A GREAT CANDIDATE FOR AN NAD DRIP? -Post- Covid patients -Chronicle Fatigue sufferers -Fibromyalgia patients -CEO’s -Athletes -Performers -Patients with Multiple Chronic Illnesses -People struggling with Anxiety/ Depression -Patients struggling to control their weight -People interesting in the anti-ageing process - Patient’s recovering from an operation or sports injury. Please note: A time period of 30 minutes is allocated for the drip to be set up, the drip is given slowly over 90 minutes- 180 minutes. (Depending on dosage requirements)

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance. You can also manage your bookings in the "My Bookings" tab under the more tab. (Sign up to the website confirm your email, login and cancel/reschedule booking online)

Contact Details

  • office 2b, 2 7th Avenue, Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, South Africa


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