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optiphi DELTA 


Optiphi delta 

This medical skin care range offers a DIFFERENT approach to skin care.

Stocked exclusively by medical practitioners who are trained to score the skin using the DELTA system, which results in a bespoke, customized treatment plan for each individual patient, the Delta system also allows for clear proof of progression and improvements in the skin.

This range relies on active, innovative formulae that improve recovery time and extend the lifetime of professional medical interventional treatments such as fillers, chemical peels, laser and mesotherapy.

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Delta Bt: Brightening Therapy


Delta Hy: Daily Hydration


Delta Ex: Exfoliating Cleanser


Delta Ps: Post-Stress Serum

Delta: Eye Effect


Optiphi: Rejuvenating Revitalizer


Delta Bt: Brightening Therapy


Our most commonly recommended product is the Delta Bt, brightening therapy.

This product is essential in both the treatment and prevention of pigmentation, using a synergistic 9-step approach.  The unique approach of this topical product targets post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and sun spots, making it essential in the preparation of the skin for the *Plexr .
Please see our Medical doctor to discuss an optimized preparation plan for your skin if you are planning to have a procedure done.

Directions for use: Apply BD, covering with sunscreen, as this active product contains Retinol, which makes the skin extra vulnerable to the sun.

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Daily Hydration

The ultimate moisturizer that delivers barrier-building lipids, fatty acids, ceramides and cholesterol. Available in both a medium (HyD) and rich (HyR) texture to suit either combination/oily skins as well as mature, dry skins. These daily moisturizers boost the skin’s ability to synthesis molecules essential to balance hydration levels, offer anti-pollution protection and 24-hour extended moisturization.
These are a must-have skin care staple.
Instructions for use: Use twice daily, massaging into the skin. If using serums from the Renewal cluster, the moisturizer should be applied over the serum.


Delta Ex: Exfoliating Cleanser

The power of an effective skin care regime within the cleansing step. 
The Exfoliating Cleanser is an anti-pollution gel-cleanser featuring safe-scrub beads that release Vitamin B5 when massaged into the skin. Lactic and salicylic acids improve exfoliation, boost hydration and are suitable for sensitive skin. 

This cleanser prepares the skin for aesthetic interventional treatments by normalizing cellular turnover and restoring the barrier function, and is therefore a firm favorite for patients planning a skin treatment such as *Plexr,, *Laser, *chemical peels.

It is also highly effective used as an every day skin cleanser.

Instructions for use: Use twice daily, massaging into the skin followed by rinsing with tepid water.

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Post-Stress Serum

The soothing lightweight serum targets redness, irritation and excessive heat in the skin, as well as rebuild damaged skin elements. The product is designed to reduce the onset of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, UV-damage and boost the skin’s energy reserves. This product is ideal for use after *laser and *photo-therapies, aggressive regenerative treatments such as the *Plexr, or after sun exposure.

Instructions for use: Apply twice daily, or as often as required when skin feels reactive and irritated, or after an ablative therapy. Can be used after sun exposure to reduce redness and sun damage.

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Delta: Eye Effect

An anti-aging eye cream that improves firmness; fights puffiness and revives dull skin. 
With the addition of the Smart Skin Technology there’s an enhanced focus on the skin’s integrity, radiance, collagen stimulation and structural support providing a technologically advanced multi-targeted treatment approach for eye area. You can expect a visible improvement in expression lines, wrinkles and hydration.

It has a beautiful Firming, Illuminating effect.

How to use: Apply a pea size amount to the eye area, morning and evening.


Rejuvenating Revitalizer

This luxurious serum, optiphi®'s flagship product, noticeably reduces all the signs of aging in the skin.
Retinol actively reduces wrinkles, age spots and uneven skin tone, addresses UV damage and balances sebum production for a multi-targeted anti-aging effect. Bakuchiol, which has similar activity to that of Retinol, but an entirely unique mechanism, efficiently fights all visible signs of aging, pro-actively targets pigmentation and reduces skin sensitivity. Co-enzyme Q-10 offers anti-oxidant support and a blend of peptides rebuilds collagen and elastin in the skin and further improves the appearance of wrinkles. Ceramides repair the skin’s barrier and restore moisture to the skin. 

How to use: Apply 1 – 2 pumps to the entire face, avoiding the eyes. Remember to use SPF 50, as this product contains retinol.

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