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Body360 Medical Aesthetics Price list:


When do I need to book a Consultation?

  1. When you have a dermatological complaint needing a sound diagnosis before a treatment plan can be tailor-made for you.

  2. When you would like to book a procedure for the Plexr for the very first time. Your skin must be prepped, and Dr Leanne must confirm that your problem can be best treated by the Plexr 

  3. When you require a skin assessment and a bespoke treatment plan from Dr Leanne, with medical grade products or prescription medication.

When do I need a consultation before a BBL procedure?

If it is your very first BBL procedure, our Aesthetic therapist or Medical doctor will asses your skin to determine which BBL treatment is best suited for you. If you have had NO RECENT sun exposure (if you have stayed out of the sun for a minimum of 2 weeks), and if you are on a good SPF 50 daily, you can go ahead with your BBL immediately. If this is not the case, our team will devise a plan and start you on a medical grade SPF 50 to prep your skin for your treatment.

Only recommended for skin types 1-3 for any of the BBL treatments


50% of consultation cost is taken off your first session of Plexr or BBL if you spend over R3000. (Botox and fillers excluded).

Medical consultation with Doctor:

Medical Consultation with Doctor:                                R650

Acne Consultation with Doctor:                                    R650

Weight Loss Consultation with Doctor:                         R650

​Anti-wrinkle injections:

(Botulin Toxin) R80 per unit.


Amount needed is determined on clinical assessment. Men typically need more than woman.


Forehead: R800 - R1600
Crows Feet: R1600 - R1920
Excessive Sweating of Armpits: R5280- R8000
Excessive Sweating of Hands: R3200 - R4800
Treatment of Frown Lines: R1280 - R1600
Smokers lines: R320 - R640
Chin dimples: R240 - R480
Bunny lines: R320 - R480

Filler Injections: 


1/2 Syringe of Filler to Lips:                         R1900

1 Syringe of Filler to Lips:                            R3800


Dermal Filler: R3800 per ml

Lip Filler: R3800 per ml

Tear Trough Filler: R2500-R4500

Lipolytic fat dissolving injections:

(Patients may need up to 3 treatments.)

Lipolytic Injections: R45 per ml

Lipolytic Injections to Neck and Jowls: R2250

Lipolytic Injections to Upper Arms: R4500

Lipolytic Injections to Waste Area: R4500

Lipolytic Injections to Abdominal Area: R4500 – R9000


BBL Forever Young:
(Pigmentation, skin texture, fine wrinkles)

This award winning treatment will leave you with tighter, brighter, glowing skin.  It treats pigmentation, skin texture, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Think both PREJUVENATION and REJUVENATION.

*Please note: To achieve optimal results up to 3 treatments in close succession may be needed. Once optimal results have been achieved, bi-annually touch-ups are recommended.

Please enquire about our package deals.

Purchase three BBL Forever Young treatments and get a 10% discount.

Price per single treatment:Face:

R1900 Neck: R1200

Chest: R1600

Face and Neck: R2600

Face, Neck and Chest: R3590

Hands: R1350

Back: R2550

Arms: R2450

Legs: R2750

BBL Tightest/Brightest Package: (Pigmentation, vascularity, decreased pore size, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, with powerful skin tightening effects.)

This unbelievable package combines the benefits of Forever Young with the powerful anti-ageing effects of the BBL Skin Tyte. 

The BBL Skin Tyte powerfully irons out wrinkles and tightens loose skin, on any body part.

Please enquire about our package deals.

Purchase three BBL Forever Young treatments and get a 10% discount.

Prices per single session:

Face: R2950

Chest: R3100

Face and Neck: R3400

Face, Neck and Chest: R4600

BBL Acne packages:

The BBL powerfully kills the bacteria responsible for acne breakouts; It also has a function specifically engineered to treat redness and inflammation, and assist with the healing of acne related scaring.

*Please note: You may not use the BBL for acne or any other treatment if you are on oral retinoids.

Please also note for extremely clear skin , a series of 3-6 treatments may be needed.

*Enquire about our package deals.

Purchase three or more Acne treatments and receive a 10% discount.

BBL Acne Comprehensive:

(Eliminates bacteria associated with acne; treats redness and inflammation associated with acne, and also assists with the healing of acne associated scarring.)

Face: R1400

Neck: R1100

Chest: R1500

Back: R1700

BBL Veinous Treatments:

The BBL powerfully treats angiomas, visible vessels, broken capillaries and spider veins.

Vascular to Nose and Cheeks: R1500

Vascular to Nose: R900

Rosacea Treatment to Face: R2000

Vascularity to Legs: R1900

*Package deals available for the purchase of 3 or more treatments.

BBL Skin Tyte Laser: (Skin tightening, lifting and body contouring.)

The BBL Skin Tyte Laser has been referred to as the most under-rated, effective and affordable aesthetic procedure available in modern times. It tightens, lifts and contours, with no downtime and zero pain/discomfort.

Face: R1850

Eyes: R950

Neck: R1250

Chest: R1850

Face and Neck: R2500

Face, Neck and Chest: R3400

Abdomen Sculpting: R3200

Upper Arms: R1950

Upper Thighs: R2700

*Enquire about our package deals.

Purchase three or more treatments and receive a 10% discount.

BBL Laser Hair removal:

(Please note that BBL is currently the most sophisticated, powerful method of laser hair removal, pain free and comfortable. Depending on patient to patient, 3-5 sessions may be needed.)

Please enquire about our package specials if you purchase 3 or more treatments you receive 10% discount.

Full Face: R900 Half Face: R750

Upper Lip: R450

Chin: R500

Underarms: R500

Neck: Front or Back: R500

Neck: Front and Back: R800

Full Arms: R1500

Chest: R1500

Half Leg: R1500

Full Leg: R2500

Full Back: R1700

Bikini/Brazilian: R950


The Plexr device:

This ground breaking technology has been imported from Italy. It removes small skin-tags, with virtually no scar, and also performs non-surgical blepharoplasty.

Plexr Non-Surgical Blepharoplasty: R3600

Plexr Treatment to Under Eye Wrinkles: R3600

Plexr Treatment to Crows Feet: R1500

Plexr Removal of Xanthelasma: R1400-R2000

Plexr Skin Tag / Wart Removal: R800 - R2000

Plexr Removal of Smokers Lines: R1800

Plexr Rejuvenation of Neck Wrinkles: R5200

Plexr Removal of Forehead Lines: R2800

Plexr Tattoo Removal: By Consultation

Post Plexr Procedure Red Light Therapy - First session: Complimentary

Post Plexr Procedure Red Light Therapy: R250 per session


LED Light Therapy:


Blue/Red/Infrared Light Therapy: R450 per session

Growth Factor Derma Stamping:

Growth Factor Facial Treatment 1: R3000

Growth Factor Facial Treatment 2: R2500

Growth Factor Face and Neck Treatment 1: R3950

Growth Factor Face and Neck Treatment 2: R3450

Growth Factor Hair Loss Treatment 1: R2200

Growth Factor Hair Loss Treatment 2: R1700

Medical Chemical Peels:


Elaine Brennan Get Glowing Micro-Peel: R1800

Elaine Brennan Skin Renewal Peel: R7000

Mesoestetic Modified Jessner Chemical Peel: R900

Mesoestetic Azelan Chemical Peel: R900

Mesoestetic Melanostop Tran3x Chemical Peel: R900

Mesoestetic Lactic Acid Chemical Peel: R900

Mesoestetic Melanoplus Chemical Peel Face: R900

Mesoestetic Melanoplus Chemical Peel Face, Neck and Chest: R1250 Mesoestetic Periocular Peel: R850

Mesoestetic Modified Jessner Including Add-Ons: R1450

Mesoestetic Azelan Chemical Peel Including Add-Ons: R1450

Mesoestetic Melanostop Tran3x Chemical Peel Including Add-Ons: R1450 Mesoestetic Lactic Acid Chemical Peel Including Add-ons: R1450

Mesoestetic Periocular Peel Including Add-Ons: R1200

Deluxe Eye Rejuvenation Package: R1400

3 in 1 Face and Neck Rejuvenation Special: R1200

IV Drips :

Energy Vitamin Boost Infusion IV Drip: R850

Ultimate IV Energy Infusion Drip: R1800 NAD + Drip: R1900

Skin Brightening Drip: R1800

Micro-needling :

Micro-Needling Treatment to Face: R1200

Micro-Needling Treatment to Face and Neck: R1400

Medical Grade Needling Supplement Add On: R250


Dermaplaning 3 in 1 Treatment: R975

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