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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Hey Body360 family It’s officially Spring- which means it’s time to get your bodies SUMMER READY- and to give you a head start we are offering 20% off ALL BBL Hero treatments until the end of September This includes BBL HAIR REMOVAL (the most powerful form of laser hair removal currently available.) (From the 8th to the 30th Sep 2021)

Book NOW! Appointments are limited..

For more info on how to sign up and pay over 3 months interest free:

Some Treatments:

Some Before & After:

Our Procedures:

• Botulin Toxin • Non-Surgical Eye Lift • Permanent Hair Removal Laser • IV Drip • Anti-Aging Treatment • Freckles and age spots • Small blood vessels and rosacea • Acne • Aging Skin • Loss of firmness • Dermal Fillers • Micro-Needling • Medical Chemical Peel • Lipolytic Injections • Acne Scars • Warts • Xanthelasmas • Keloids • Striae • Fibromas • Naevi • Wrinkles • Scar removal • And More

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