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Lipolytic fat dissolving Injections Cape Town

Lipolytic fat dissolving Injections:

What makes our injections unique and powerful?

Unlike non-medical/ non- prescription lipolytics, our products cause the complete break down of fat cells (lipoylsis) through the process of apoptosis.

In other words, the cell is completely destroyed due to a physiological cascade of events that leads apoptosis(complete destruction) of the fat cells. This is far superior than merely shrinking or emptying the fat cells, and then allowing the cell to easily refill, as many other products do.

Who is a good candidate?

This treatment is highly effective in people who are eating well and exercising, but cannot shake stubborn pockets of fat.

It is seen as a body sculpting procedure as opposed to a fat loss procedure.

It is highly effective for resistant fat collections in the face, jowls, chin & body

The volume injected is directly proportional to the volume of fat lost/destroyed.

When will I see results?

Results can be seen as soon as 3 days post procedure, but on average we ask our patients to wait 2 weeks for the full effect.

Please note: On average, 2-3 treatment sessions are necessary per area.

Are lipolytic injections safe?

This physiological process is medically tested and found to be completely safe and effective.

How do I prepare?

Please see our Doctor for a consult to book your procedure. The product must be ordered in fresh from our compounding pharmacy, and the amount needed is determined at the consult.

Post treatment care:

There will be some redness and swelling for +~48 hours post treatment, so plan your week accordingly!😉

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