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Can Botox Injections help prevent my migraines or headaches?

The short answer is a resounding yes- on so many levels.

This phenomenon was discovered accidentally when patients using Botox for cosmetic reasons, noted a serious decrease in the amount of headaches/ migraines that they were having.

If you are unfamiliar with the neurotoxin Botox, it temporarily paralyses a muscle, or “gives it a break”, from working so hard.

This lead to the use of Botox/botulin toxin injections in the treatment of not only tension type headaches around the forehead, but also by injecting botox in

to the trapezius muscle, and other muscles inserting onto the cervical spine, where frequent spasms have lead to terrible migraines and headaches, which have been traditionally so difficult to treat.

One last massive breakthrough, has been the use of botox in teeth-grinders, or patients suffering with TMJ spasms. Botox injected into the jaw area can relieve the associated pain in a powerful way!

To date, Botox is registered for over 20 medical conditions. This incredible treatment is not just cosmetic, and may be just what you need to live a healthier, more pain free life!!

At Body 360 Medical Aesthetics Anti-Aging & Laser Clinic, we aim to give you the latest and best that health and skincare has to offer. Cape Town

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