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Body360 IV Drip Clinic Big Bay Cape Town

Do you want to function at your optimal potential?




Reduce stress, enhance your muscle recovery , increase sports performance, decrease chronic pain, increase your immune system, brighten your skin?

At Body360 IV Clinic we have a bespoke IV treatment to suite YOUR specific needs.

Our medical doctor will asses your needs, and make sure that the cocktail that BEST SUITES YOU is provided.

Our IV treatments make sure that 100% of the nutrients provided are absorbed by your body, (as opposed to oral medication), and a number of these treatments can be done in just a quick 15 minutes!

Book an appointment today to fast track your road to optimal health!


Cocktail IV Drips: Intravenous vitamin infusions to increase your immune system, cognitive functioning, and increase your energy levels


Energiser Infusion IV Drip 💃🕺

Brighter skin infusion IV Drip 👱‍♀️👱‍♂️

Vitamin C Immunity Infusion IV Drip🍊🍊

Hangover Infusion IV Drip 😜😎

Post- covid energy infusion IV Drip 😔🥱

NAD drips: The ultimate treatment in anti-ageing, cognitive functioning, appetite control, allergy/atopic symptoms and muscle recovery.

Cocktail IV Drips / Pricing:

More About our NAD IV Drips / Pricing :

Body 360 Medical Aesthetics Anti-Aging & Laser Skin Care Clinic

Big Bay

Cape Town

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