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Are all Laser Hair Removal systems created equal?

Are all Laser Hair Removal systems created equal?

The answer to this is a hard and fast NO!!

Lasers are graded as either Cosmetic grade or Medical grade, with Medical grade Lasers being known as far more powerful, safe, and effective.

BBL Forever Bare is a very comfortable Laser Hair Removal treatment, with safety methods installed, such as a continuous cooling method.

This treatment is virtually painless, and can be done in record speed.

The amount of treatments needed is far less than other Laser Hair removal system available.

The average amount of sessions needed is 3 per area, although this ultimately depends on the colour of the patient’s hair and their skin tone. Some patients may need up to 6 treatments.

Say good-bye to unwanted hair TODAY! ~SAVE TIME ~SAVE MONEY ~CHOOSE THE MOST EFFECTIVE, SAFE ,AND POWERFUL LASER HAIR SYSTEM AVAILABLE TO DATE, by booking your hair removal session at Body 360 Medical Aesthetics today!!


BBL HERO is the worlds most powerful laser..

At Body360 Medical Aesthetics we have the powerful BBL Hero

Body 360 Medical Aesthetics Anti-Aging & Laser Skin Care Clinic Melkbosstrand Cape Town

"Dr Leanne"

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