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Updated: Jan 3, 2022

This revolutionary machine is known as the Swiss Army Knife of Medical Aesthetics (BBL HERO). This nothing much it can’t do

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1. No More Pigmentation

2. It's Anti-Aging

3. No More Redness

4. My Pores Are Smaller

5. It Permanently Removes Hair

6. My Skin Is Tight

7. My Acne is Gone

8. It Treats My Scars

9. It Treats My Wrinkles

10. MySkin Tone Is Even

Body 360 Medical Aesthetics Anti-Aging & Laser Skin Care Clinic in Big Bay Cape Town. Meet Dr Leanne, our Medical Aesthetics practitioner. We have world’s most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device on the market and Award Winning.

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Our Procedures:

• Botulin Toxin

• Non-Surgical Eye Lift

• Permanent Hair Removal Laser

• IV Drip

• Anti-Aging Treatment

• Freckles and age spots

• Small blood vessels and rosacea

• Acne

• Aging Skin

• Loss of firmness

• Dermal Fillers

• Micro-Needling

• Medical Chemical Peel

• Lipolytic Injections

• Acne Scars

• Warts

• Xanthelasmas

• Keloids

• Striae

• Fibromas

• Naevi

• Wrinkles

• Scar removal

• And More

Office 103 1st Floor

Big Bay Office Park

Beach Estate Boulevard

Big Bay

Cape Town

South Africa

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